The Legal Process

Under the law, you are afforded basic rights when a family member or loved one suffers because of someone else's negligence. A birth injury such as Erb's Palsy is a serious condition which can lead to irreversible damage and can, under the law be considered negligence if the treating physician and health care workers should have used better care during the delivery. Many doctors believe that instances of Erb's Palsy at birth are largely preventable. Unlike other types of birth injuries, Erbs injuries occur when the infant is subjected to stress in the birthing process itself that proper medical care should avoid.

Families and loved ones have basic rights under state laws. Don't jeopardize these rights by signing them away. DON'T ACCEPT ANY OFFERS AND DON'T SIGN ANYTHING BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO AN ATTORNEY.

We know that you deserve the maximum compensation for your damage, pain and suffering. You need an attorney experienced in handling these types of cases. You also need an attorney who has the experience to lead the investigation into the proof of negligence and to help you collect the maximum amount allowed under the law. Our goal with every case is to maximize the damage recovery.

After a review of your medical file, a lawyer will be able to help you make decisions about the future care of your child including the decision to bring a lawsuit against the doctor or hospital that may entitle you to a financial settlement.

Statutes of limitation in each state limit the time a person has to file a claim, usually within a year or two of the injury.

If you feel you may have a possible medical malpractice claim, you should contact an experienced attorney immediately.


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